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McCormick subdivision Planning

Location: City Hall

Hours: 8:00 AM
to 5:00 PM weekdays

Phone: (574) 773-2112

Planning and zoning
Building permits
Rental registration
Code enforcement
Plan Commission
Board of Zoning Appeals

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Police Department, City of Nappanee, IN
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  Planning services
If you have any questions the following sections do not answer, or if you have a specific issue to bring to the attention of city officials, please contact zoning administrator Don Lehman at (574) 773-2112 or by email..

Planning and zoning
Nappanee's latest rules on land use date back to the 1998 Unified Zoning and Subdivision Control Ordinance. This detailed document governs the decisions made regarding placement of residential, commercial and industrial districts and all related matters.

It is highly recommended all real-estate agents and prospective property owners work with the planning department on new developments, so all issues can be addressed early in the process and as efficiently as possible.

To see Nappanee's current zoning map, click here.

At times when a zoning map change is requested to permit a use outside of the established districts, the Nappanee Plan Commission will conduct a hearing and give its recommendation to the city council in a public meeting. Or, if only a small variance is needed from the adopted standards, the city's Board of Zoning Appeals will consider the matter, also in a public meeting. Both of these applications can be initiated by contacting Don Lehman in the zoning department.

For the current fee schedule, click here.


Building permits
At this time, all building permit paperwork must be completed and filed at City Hall. No online services are available. Staff members will assist contractors and property owners in the process, so all work is completed according to local ordinance, particularly for electrical installation, and the Indiana building codes.


Rental registration
Nappanee endorses minimum housing standards for rental properties. Landlords must register their properties at city hall and be willing to comply with any necessary housing inspections prior to offering the apartment or house for lease. For more information, contact the zoning office at (574) 773-2112.


Code enforcement
Nappanee is governed by three particular ordinances in regard to code enforcement. All three local rules are critical to maintaining an outstanding quality of life for city residents, and all three carry stiff penalties for violators.

The weed control ordinance allows city officials to step in and take necessary action if a property owner has failed to maintain the unimproved portion of a property. A junk and abandoned vehicle ordinance prevents inoperable cars and trucks from becoming neigborhood eyesores and targets for vandalism and other crimes. The minimum housing standards sets the rules for rental properties.